background images

This page will help you when you make your own chess figure sets. You need some gif images as shown in the diagram. For instance "br" means "black rock" and this is the image "br.gif". The image "1x1.gif" is a transparent image of size 1x1, just use the image which is already included. All images of the pieces must be with transparent background. There is an additional transparent image "t.gif" which must have the same size as the images of the pieces.
Further you need the images "a_h.gif", "h_a.gif", "8_1.gif" and "1_8.gif" for the labels. The size of these images depends on the size of your pieces. If your pieces have the size 27x27, 30x30, 32x32, 33x33 or 35x35 then you can use one of the image sets from the main directory or from the additional chess set directories, otherwise you must create the images by your own. To get the images of the labels with the right distance between the letters, copy this file into the directory with the images of your pieces, open the file with a modern browser (IE5+ or Netscape 6+), make a screenshot (Alt+Print), open a graphics program and use "Edit->Paste" in the menu. Now you can cut the labels with the size (8*piece size)x16 and save them as gif images. You can test different colors for the chess sets by simply editing the images "w.gif" and "b.gif".
When you want to print a chess diagram, then you must set the browser settings for "print background images", otherwise you would print a chess diagram whithout checker squares.