The results are pulled from the server once a week on Fridays at (10:00:00 AM Hop's time) for the current scores and at (10:10:00 AM Hop's time) for the yearly scores.

History tab shows the weekly scores in date order.

Players tab shows the highest ever scores for the players. You can click on the dates for the detailed scores.

Note: You can set the current competition using the menu on top right (big "+" button).

User streaks are scanned for the listed variants and a score is calculated for each user using the following formula:
i log 2 ( userScore i + 2 ) prod from{i} log_2( userScore_i+2 ) where i goes for the listed variants

To be listed in the page one of the following should be satisfied:

  • User must have streaks at least in half of the variants
  • User must have placed in a podium spot (the first three spots) taking the ties into account

  • In case of ties; Let's say there's a three-way tie for second. Then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are all treated as the second and there would be no third.


    In case you may want to see: the live scores