Brief info

User streaks are scanned for the listed variants and a score is calculated for each user using the following formula:
i log 2 ( userScore i + 2 ) prod from{i} log_2( userScore_i+2 ) where i goes for the listed variants

To be listed in the page one of the following should be satisfied:

  • User must have streaks at least in half of the variants
  • User must have placed in a podium spot (the first three spots) taking the ties into account
    In other words all the colored spots are listed

  • In case of ties; Let's say there's a three-way tie for second. Then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are all treated as the second and there would be no third.

    Copying the result

    You can copy the current results to the clipboard by clicking icon.
    It's converted to wiki table format that can be understood by forum software. So it's possible to paste it in forums if you want to.

    Further player info

    If you click a player's name in the table, some further player specific info is displayed.

    The table displayed for the player contains:

  • New scores if a game in a variant is won/lost
  • Number of winnable games in a variant for the player's current level, as well as winning percentages
  • Expected values for each variant, that can be used as a desicion criteria what to play next (check here for more)
  • The time remaining for each variant to age off